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Success Stories

From Hospice to Home

An 84 year-old woman was admitted from her home where she had received Hospice Care.  She had diagnoses including heart disease, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. Her condition was such that her heart function was minimal and the facility was advised that she would be able to tolerate very little.  It was expected that she only had a few weeks to live.  However, therapy services were ordered to keep her as mobile as possible for the remainder of her days.

A little more than three months later, after many days of intensive physical and occupational therapy services, she walked out of our facility to go home with her son.  At the time of discharge, she was not only able to dress herself, bathe herself, and transfer without assistance, but she walked without any form of assistive device.

Compassionate Care

One nurse had an experience with a resident who she knew on a personal level.  The nurse was able to assist the family–who knew very little about the nursing home placement process –with the admission process for our facility.  The gentleman had been diagnosed with cancer when he admitted.  During his stay he found out the cancer had moved throughout his body.  Not only the administrator but other staff went above and beyond to care for him and keep him as free of pain as possible.

The resident was always very complimentary of our care and was always more concerned about us than himself, always asking if we were okay.

Sadly, two weeks after he was admitted to our facility, he passed away. We were all saddened by his death. His wife, son, and daughters were beyond thankful for the care he had received and that they considered us to be true angels to our residents.  When seen around town, they still say thank you for the care their husband and father received while he was in our care and how they would recommend to anyone for them to have their loved ones here.